The idea of FGM/C workers forum came from Bossaso GBVWG which had seen very crucial to have this forum and it was established on 27 JULY 2012 to reinforce the working Group throughout FGM/C workers forum and Case management conference, in this stage, the WG discussed on issue of its responsibility and leading then without hesitation PSA stood for leading this forum voluntarily.


The forum was assigned for coordination mechanism and information sharing facilitation among the FGM/C stakeholders through the responsibilities of  ensuring proper information about FGM/C related issues/activities and contribute technical inputs those lead the forum workers to  achievements the project objectives with tangible results.

6th February the forum workers organized Zero tolerance day and developed one plan in which they all agreed on and implemented jointly.

The FGM/C workers Forum objectives are:

  • Provide technical support in relation to FGM/C programming
  • Facilitate  program coordination to enhance coverage  and avert duplication
  • Information sharing and updates on FGM/C abandonment
  • This forum formed by joined 25 organizations those involve in FGM/C related activities deeply with fund in hand, though some of them have faced project gap, on the other hand there are some agencies those work FGM/C  indirectly; e.g. organization X deals with GBV cases as whole but not only FGM/C specifically.The members of the forum contain UN, INGOs, LNGOs and Government line ministries include women/Youth Networks, elder’s network, legal service provider and more.