Day and Night Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

                                  Day and Night Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids


Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between brain developments and exercising. Physical Education (PE) is a subject that is an integral part in our youth for change (Y4C) project, we engaged the youth in quality physical education programs that are needed to increase their physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity so that they can be physically active. Our Physical education programs are well-planned and well-implemented. The beneficiaries do many different sports, exercises, and activities which involves many types of physical fitness, Physical education is an important for keeping kids and adults fit and active. It is also necessary to educate population in the field of healthy and smart ways to stay active.

In the month of April, we took the beneficiaries for swimming classes in the sea, swimming classes instills a competitive streak in children as they strive to achieve more and compete amongst their peers. This is an important character trait that will help them in various environments in school and even later in life at work.

In addition, within the month we organized a trip to Biyo-kulule which is a hot water spring in the outskirts of Bosaso town; the youth had a chance to learn a lot about the spring.

Moreover, we used the PE sessions to take the youth on farm visits around Bosaso municipality to see for themselves how cultivation of various crops is done and the hard-work that it entails.

The PE sessions is an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety, it also offers the youth an opportunity to learn positive skills that facilitates emotional stability and resilience.