12 Years Working for Your Rights

DSCN975412 Years Working for Your RightsIn order to uphold and promote human rights, PSA relentlessly pursues its role as watchdog for girls and women right using various mechanisms put in place.  PSA‘s area of focus in this regard are: gender base violence, rape, FGM/C and child protection. The main focus is on: gender base violence (GBV) and child rights. These have been our main preoccupation for the last five years. We have accordingly made stride through the implementation of various projects under these themes. Apart from the projects, PSA organized workshops, trainings, participatory theatre exhibitions to the public, production of radio and television programs. Moreover, PSA managed to provide skills and education to both male and female, with priority given to the youth and women.


Commemoration of HR awareness raising events


PSA takes responsibility every year to remind and organize events bringing the community together. This is aimed at consolidating peace, self-motivation, and extolling the values of hard work and grooming citizens to love their country passionately. By organizing and holding the events, PSA contributed to collective promotion of a sense of community togetherness and peace within the citizenry. The community came up with recommendations and an action plan to strengthen these values. They particularly outlined strategies and roles which they hope to play to nurture peace and development in the region.


International Women’s Day Commemoration


Celebrations for this international day have always been championed by MOWDAFA. Like all such days, it serves to highlight the importance of the theme of the day-in this case women’s rights. PSA is glad to report of its participation. International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked every year on 8th March.  In the different regions,  the sub themes  of  the celebrations ranged from paying homage , appreciation and homage  towards women to a celebration   for women’s  economic,  political  and  social achievements.


Somalia, like several other countries worldwide cherish  the original political and human  rights theme designated by  the United Nations. We therefore celebrate this day to raise political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide in a hopeful manner.

Also on  21st September being the international day for peace and 08 September international literacy days,  the youth organized various plays and songs for the event.

On Universal children’s day PSA organized a commemoration event, focusing on the child protection in line with the UN General Assembly. The latter recommends that all countries commemorate a Children’s Day, in line with the universal practice. The day has been designated as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. It is the day devoted to activities which promote the ideals and objectives of welfare of the world’s children, promote awareness about children’s welfare and their wellbeing as well as uplift their social rights.

Our youth commemorated the day with immense joy, fanfare and magnificence.  They participated in a series of thematic activities, namely; songs, poems, questions crowning the day with a scintillating performance of the Somalia national anthem. The stellar show received a standing ovation from all the participants. The latter were later treated with snacks and drinks.