Strategic plan

Our Strategic objectives refers to specific measurable results for the initiative’s broad goals, Progress on strategic objectives will be measured and achieved through prioritize activities.

  • Increase youth awareness in the involvement and promotion of peace and stability across the country.
  • Build inter-generational dialogue between youth and adults to ensure peaceful conflict resolution as a pillar of governance in the future.
  • Support the education sector through promoting quality education as well as the active access of non-curricular activities like sports, games, debates, youth convention, music and drama.
  • Provide psychosocial support services, thereby grooming well balanced youth increase enrollment and retention and offer peer mentorship and counseling services.
  • Provide career guidance on marketable courses, institutions of higher learning in the region and solicit and avail tuition bursaries for talented but needy students.
    • Lobbying for laws for the protection of children, who are venerable, and to investigate, document and monitor violations against children.
  • Facilitate access to quality health services through increased participation of youth in volunteer and professional health service provision –both as information and clinic services especially in HIV, Malaria, TB and diarrhea diseases.
  • Raise youth awareness and collectively condemn cultural harmful practices like FGM and early and forced marriage
  • Promote youth employment opportunities through provision of market driven skills and increased access to employment opportunities
  • Promote positive aspects of Somalia cultural and unity by organizing cultural events and inculcating a sense of opening up to tolerate people of different cultures, race and religion in our midst.