What we do


  • Reconciliation and Peace building

There can be no development unless, there is peace. And peace in Somalia will begin with truth asking for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation. PSA will lobby for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in this regard besides facilitating peace-building initiatives like dialogue and games.

  • Child protection

If the country is to have emotionally balanced, rationale people in future, it starts with protecting the rights of the child. Categories of children are particularly vulnerable and need protection. These include: disabled children, orphans, street children, abused children, victims of violence and war, and those forced into exploitative and hazardous labour. The child Rights Convention (CRC) among other instruments is clear on that.

  • Human rights   , gender and Protection of the girl-child and women

In the same vein, blatant abuse of rights of women, displaced people , girl-children, including FGM , early marriage and domestic violence must stop. All people deserve to live in peace, dignity, the right to self determination, freedom of assembly and worship. Policy advocacy for Human rights will continue to be a corner stone of PSA work.

  • Improved  livelihoods through micro-loans and training

Household incomes need to improve if poverty reduction is to be realized. Vocational skills training especially for youth, Shaqodoon, and micro-loans are key strategies in this endeavour.

  • Support to the education sector

Quality education will only be possible for more classrooms, a relevant curriculum, qualified teachers and an ideal environment for learning for all. The task of rebuilding involves highly trained manpower.

  • Health promotion including water and sanitation

Health education and increased access to quality health care will be promoted as a healthy population is a productive work-force.

  • Infrastructural development and renovation

Schools, health centres, roads, water sources, communication and residential /office buildings are all, needed. We seek partners far and wide to come to our rescue.


In the past, PSA has made considerable achievements as detailed below :

Programmatic Achievements

  1. Emergency interventions
  • Coordination of rapid emergency assessment and timely monitoring reporting and information sharing with the stakeholders.
  • Collection and distribution Food and Non-food items as emergency aid to IDPs and refugees in Bosasso including 200 plastic rain harvesting tanks.
  • Participates in the Ethiopian immigrants feeding program jointly implemented by UNICEF and DRC which benefitted 700 Ethiopian migrants.
  • Food aid distribution activities for 146 families in Bulo-elay, 100 Buush camps, 500 families of Bosaso IDPs in 2010 funded by Towfiq trading Company.
  • Cloth and home need material distribution to more than 700 IDPs families in Bosaso in year 2010 jointly implemented with Bari Region Administration.
  • In 2013 Puntland was hit by tropical cyclone, many lives and property were lost, we took part in collection of food, clothes, beddings and cooking materials, livestock for restocking was also provided to the victims.


  1. Health
  • Conducted four different sanitation campaigns between 2012 to 2013 Bosaso, Garowe and Galkayo being targeted areas.
  • Conducted dialogues with youth on the FGM/C abandonment in Bosaso, it involved a total of 50 youths in Puntland.
  • 5,000 youth members were educated and sensitized on the effects of FGM/C and the need to abandon the practice; in addition 37 girls were rescued from FGM/C and received psychosocial support. In 2013 Youth groups issued public declaration on the urge to abandone FGM/C.
  • In 2013 we trained 25 girls on First aid.


  1. Education
  • For 12 years we have been organizing and conducting academic quizzes for secondary school students in Bosaso, being supported by local businesspersons.
  • Facilitated access to higher education opportunities for more than 400 secondary graduates, through support of  PSA members in China, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia and Sudan
  • Achieved increase in enrolment and retention of girls education through advocacy activities and conduction of 5 girls’ academic quizzes between 2009 & 2013 by local business community.
  • PSA gave 350 children both boys and girls education opportunities i.e. NFE, Life skills based education (LSBE) and ICT.



  • Conducted HIV/AIDs awareness campaigns in Bosaso towns in 10 schools between 2002 & 2013.
  • Commemorated 7 World AIDS days between 2002 and 2013.
  • Conducted HIV awareness campaign for the frontier communities in border villages with the support of UNICEF in the year of 2008
  • Developed accurate, useful, action-oriented print materials to meet the communication needs of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care support.
  • carried out 15 LSE training and 15 PE outreach activities in Bari regions of Puntland to reduce HIV/Aids prevalence and stigma among the youth population in Puntland reaching 300 youth directly and indirectly and many other through YAHAN Network-2011, Funded by IOM.


  1. Youth participation
  • Implemented a three year youth broadcasting initiative which was supported by UNICEF, four radio programs were produced in each year, the program contributed to increased listening of youth voice, participation and building the youth media related skills
  • Since its establishment, the NGO conducted 12 international  youth days memorization activities  between 2002 and 2013
  • Trained 3900 adolescents and 30 TOT in life skills based education (LSBE) in a succession of 12 months from 2009 to 2010 funded by UNICEF.
  • We made ICT resource center which is fully equipped with computers, cameras, LCDs and internet funded by AfriAfya.
  • PSA trained 50 youth on Vocational skill Training in mobile repairing for 6 Months funded by DRC in 2010.
  • PSA trained 400 youth on Vocational skill Training in Tailoring, Computer, Electricity, TV Installation/programming and mobile repairing for 6 months funded by UNICEF, IOM/TS and Mercy corps in 2012-2013.


  1. Child protection
  • Four Capacity building workshops on child rights to IDPs leaders it was funded by Oxfam / Novib
  • Two Training sessions was done to Puntland police personnel and two building contacts workshops were also undertaken.
  • Documented and investigated more than 1000 cases in 2009-2013
  • Five community mobilization and child rights training were conducted
  • Five Psychosocial training for community members and Parents and received PSS skills to help their children.
  • 10 Radio debates and TV discussions toward Child protection and aired to the community.
  • September 2011 – Dec 2013, 700 children from violence volatile areas participated in life skills based education, vocational training, and mentorship programs and were later reintegrated back into the community.



  1.  Culture
  • Since 2008 we have Conducted 12 cultural rehabilitation sessions targeting secondary school students and secondary school aged youth drop outs.
  • During Ramadhan, we mobilized the community and the Diaspora on the IHSAN charity and an amount of $ 6,500 was raised, we also we also provided “Afur” food for breaking the fast to 50 persons on daily basis for the 30 days.


  1. Peace and Reconciliation
  • Following the long-drawn out conflict between the Ali Saleban and Ali Jibrahil clans of Puntland, and between Dubays and Osman Mahamud. PSA fast tracked mediation efforts between the rival groups.
  • As early as January 2010, PSA sent emissaries to each clan requesting them to nominate two representatives for a joint mediation team.
  • The most important role that PSA played in this Conflict Resolution was; Secretarial, Technical Support , Producing Documentary Films and Airing  Peace messages through Local media houses, also the organization provide office and conference room the Puntland mediation committee who was leading the mediation between the clans.
  • In 2013 we took part in reconciling two warring clans in Puntland.


  1. Development program
  • As part of Bossaso Development Committee we have been participating in development of Infrastructure i.e. Roads, protection of environment and social mobilization.
  • PSA welcomed this committee and took part in its establishment in collaboration with the hosting Committee Office by providing Technical support and equipment.
  • We implemented Food for Asset (Cash and Voucher) project in partnership with WFP, 500 meters of water canal and 2 KM of road were rehabilitated in Laag village in order to help the farmers in the area increase their production, 115 household benefitted from the initiative.