We have partnership with UN agencies, INGO’s and we are members/founders of the local umbrellas.

The following are our partners:

  1. 1.   UNICEF

Since 2002 we have partnered with UNICEF and worked with them in different programs; specifically on youth, and adolescent and child programs. Namely Youth at risk project, Youth for change project, FGM/C project and other projects.

  1. 2.   IOM

From 2012, in livelihood sector, we have partnered in building skills to the youth/women at risk of Illegal immigration, we have provided marketable skills to the beneficiaries, provided certificate accreditation, start-up kits and business grants.

  1. 3.   WFP

We have been working with WFP from 2013; in 2013 we implemented Cash and Voucher (Food for Asset) project which targeted rehabilitation of canals and roads in Laag village.



From 2012, on Youth capacity building programs, we assisted youth organizations in financial reporting and project management. Also provision of Vocational skills was done.


  1. 5.   Mercy Corps:

We started working together in 2013 on skills development program, which targets youth who drops out of school, during skill training, we did rehabilitation and reintegration.


  1. 6.   AFRIAFYA

We worked together in 2010 in establishment of Youth resource center and in equipping ICT rooms, more so we trained youth on ICT programs.


  1. 7.   DRC

From 2008-2010 we worked with DRC on protection monitoring network (PMN) which was mandated in recording protection cases and giving feedback to DRC.


  1. 8.   OXfamNovib

From 2005-2007 we worked with OXFAM Novib on protection monitoring network (PMN) which recorded protection cases and reported to OXFAM Novib.


We are member in the following  Networks and work groups

  1. Member of GBV Working groups in Bosaso
  2. Member of Child protection Working groups in Bosaso
  3. Chairing of FGM/C workers Forum in Bosaso
  4. Member of FGM/C Task Force in Puntlnad
  5. Member of Puntland Aids Commission (PAC)
  6. Member of Bari child protection Network (BCPN)
  7. Member of All Bari youth Association Network (ABYAN)
  8. Member of Puntland Non state actor Association  (PUNSAA)