Who we are

Puntland Youth and Social Development Association (PSA) is local non-governmental, non- profit organization established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic young educated members of society. This was after being alarmed by the devastation of war and natural disasters and the subsequent political instability. During the entire period of turbulence, in-school and out of school youth faced the brunt. Many were orphaned at a tender age, dropping out of school. Others faced the trauma of family instability and displacement and others were forcefully conscripted to fight in wars that they essentially knew little about.  The youth-the most hopeful, most dynamic and most productive were instead being plunged into despair and a forlorn life. In the absence of any protection and proper guidance, the youth turned to drugs, to vice, to hate for one another and were wholly sucked into the hate cycle.


PSA was started with the hope that in the Youth lay immense potential for self protection and national development. Youth offered an excellent avenue to restore the nation back to its course of independence, stability and development. As a united front, we were a big proportion of the population. We prayed for peace and at the same time resolved to do everything to protect young and old from various threats.

There is a saying that “Two shorten the road” which is our motto and depicts our commitment to proactively and collectively act as a positive force on the road map for rebuilding our country.


An environment where youth move together playing a pivotal role in the self preservation, enlightenment of others and peaceful co-existence amongst groups in contributing positively to development

Mission statement

PSA exists to mobilize, nurture and support youth to collectively appreciate and uphold universally positive values like peace, human rights, freedom, family stability, peaceful and effective governance structures, environmental conservation, positive culture and improved livelihoods for all.



1.   Unity of purpose and assembly

As our motto sums it, a long and arduous journey of reconstruction is made seemingly easier by joining effort and pulling together.

2.  Youth for Youth:

To achieve desired results of producing responsible youth amidst our society, our program must be designed, implemented, monitored and evaluated by the youth for the youth.

3.  Equity and equality:

The NGO’s programmes will be based on equal rights of all youth regardless of creed, status/caste, education or ideology.

4.  Sustainable  empowerment:

The NGO’s programmatic work must be designed in a way which the youth and social beneficiaries are given the necessary skills to have full control of their action

5.  Collaboration with stakeholders:

The organization are primarily responsible for the provision of sustainable and quality services to the youth and society , where possible our support services must take into account the local capacities and be integrated with the programs of the local service providers.

6.  Promotion of accountability:

Our program service must promote a culture of accountability where the service providers and service clients are accountable



PSA is comprised only of educated youth, although our target does accommodate the non-educated. For that reason, we have as core values which reflect our collective insight, knowledge and skills in project planning and management. With these values, we are confident that we will achieve our goal of harnessing potential of youth for the individual and common good of our society.

  •  Relevance: Each and every intervention will be relevant to the community in which it is implemented.   That is the project should change the way things have been done and be seen to do so.
  • Impact: Unlike projects which have come and gone without leaving a legacy, we want all stakeholders to attest that change has been created. If it is water shortage, there should be undisputedly more water than before.
  • Effectiveness: Communities will continue to see that we added value to their livelihoods.
  • Efficiency & Accountability: Partners mobilize their resources to support us in Africa. PSA is committed to being transparent, accountable and efficient in use of resources-funds, vehicles, material and equipment.   This has been proved .
  • Coordination , Cooperation and Trust: This is crucial if the project is to be fully owned by all stakeholders.  We will continue to work with government, community structures, local NGOs and funding partners in a manner that reflects proper coordination, hence maximum utilization of resources.

We at PSA, have a mammoth task of ensuring the Youth come together strictly for the common good of society. Youth are in their thousands and many are at higher institutions of learning. So much can be done as demonstrated by PSA in the past. Youth engage in immunization and other health campaigns. Youth are easy to mobilize for research, surveillance and humanitarian support and make good peer mentors as well as influencers in their household

Above all, if youth are groomed to co-exist, to harness the environment, to respect rights of others including women and girl-children, then our ugly past will be a thing of the past. It needs collective effort and as the motto reads, “Moving together for peace and development.” We therefore thank our partners –INGOs, business people, government departments-for working with us, trusting us and guiding us. We appeal that this cooperation continues so that Somalia rises from the ashes. For donations, volunteer support, for technical advice, or for general enquiries please contact.