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PSA was established with the hope that in the Youth lay immense potential for self-protection and national development. Youth offered an excellent avenue to restore the nation back to its course of independence, stability and development. With sharpened clarity on approach and improved knowledge and talent base, today, PSA is in an exemplary position thanks to the skills and commitment of our teams, which remain dedicated to provide quality service in changing lives. I would categorically like to thank everyone who has supported us, financially and in all manner of other ways. I would especially like to thank UNHCR, UNICEF WFP, SHF/UNOCHA, SSF and Puntland government for being our close proactive partners and associates in influencing and shaping PSA’s strategic direction alongside with the Board members. We draw great strength from the support we receive on our journey from all of our donors, supporters, well-wishers and mentors who continue to motivate us.
Dr. Faisal Abdirahman Abdullahi

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