Invitation for supply of Hygiene materials and PPE for COVID-19



Puntland Youth and Social Development Association (PSA) is local non-governmental, non- profit organization established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic young educated members of society and it is based in Puntland state – Somalia


PSA is currently seeking the bids for the supplies of Hygiene and PPE for COVID-19.

BID Number Product/Service QTY Location
PSA/PRQ/19-20/001 Face Mask (Dz) 400 Bosaso
PSA/PRQ/19-20/001 Gloves (Box) 400 Bosaso
PSA/PRQ/19-20/001 Hand soap (500ml) 60 Bosaso
PSA/PRQ/19-20/001 Hand sanitizer (500ml) 60 Bosaso
PSA/PRQ/19-20/001 Powder soap (PAC) 400 Bosaso


Instructions to suppliers


  1. You are requested to visit PSA office in Bosasoto pick the relevant templates for the bids or call 0907709658 to request soft copies to be sent through email. Any inquiries can be done through same contact provided.
  2. Ensure the bids are submitted using the specific forms for the products/services interested to offer.
  3. Suppliers must be financially stable. Suppliers should undertake to provide the organisation with unlimited services and goods for not less than US$ 20,000 without no payment for us atleast for 3 months.
  4. Only successful applicants will be contacted
  5. All the bids to be sealed in an envelope with Bid Number and include location and addressed to;
  • Bosaso HQ Office
  • 0907709658
  1. Deadline: All the bids should be received not later than 04-07-2020 at 12:00pm.