Relief Project Progress-Bosaso IDP’s


Over 1.5 million people in Somalia are facing “Crisis” (IPC level 3, as measured by the international IPC scale) or worse levels of food insecurity over the next six months, according to the latest analysis released by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) in Somalia, a programme of the Food and Agriculture.

Continued humanitarian support will be needed in 2019 to prevent the situation from deteriorating. This includes livelihood assistance that will enable farmers, pastoralists and fisherfolk to take advantage of the next Gu rainy season (April-June 2019), building on additional support interventions aimed at building the resilience of vulnerable communities.

In response to this imminent crisis, from January to June 2019, PSA in collaboration with WFP will assist 2500 HH (15000 beneficiaries) from Bossaso IDP in providing food assistance through scope system