Leadership and Organizational Management Training in Qandala

Qandala October, 10,2021

The Puntland Ministry of Interior federal Affairs and Democratization (MOIFAD) in partnership with PSA/SSF held a training on leadership and organizational management for the officials of regional council of Qandala district.

The objective of the training was on how to promote and enhance the role and work of the local council on the following areas.

  • The mandate and responsibilities of the local council.
  • Establishment of the Local Council committees such as Standing Committees.
  • Setting up of Qandala Municipal Government Departments.
  • Establishing of TORs and scope of the local government departments.
  • Preparation of the local government budget and efficient collection of taxes.

The training was facilitated by the director of the Interior Ministry, DPL Cabdulqadir Cabdimalik.


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