TENDER NO: 001/08/2021


Puntland Youth and Social Development Association (PSA) seeks to carry out rehabilitation of some of nonfunctional solar lights in Bossaso and Garowe sites in order to improve the lives of the communities living in the two locations.

Solar lights will significantly improve safety and securityespecially for women and girls, improve child learning spaces outside the school, clean and safe source of light that can replace potentiallyhazardous forms of lighting such as candles and kerosene lamps, helping to reduce the risk of fire, and the negative health impacts of burning kerosene indoors.

Scope of Work

We have carried of assessment on the condition of solar lights within Bossaso and Garowe and given priority to 50 non functionalstreet solar lights in the two locations in need of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation and repair needs and the locations has been detailed below.

The scope of works shall entail the following;

  1. Rehabilitation, repairs and maintenance of solar street lights which have been prioritized for rehabilitation.
  2. Prepare reports to demonstrate performance of works. The deliverables shall include but not limited to;
  3. Daily/Weekly Progress report
  4. Quality control report
  • Completion certificate

Requirements from the Service Provider

PSA is looking for an established and experienced service provider in solar energy sector with the technical experience to perform thetasks in the scope of work.

The service provider must provide the following documents

  1. Technical Proposal

The Technical Proposal must detail the following

  1. Experience statement

Demonstrate minimum 3 experiences in similar works. Experience statement must be in the format.


  1. Technical staff capacity

The service provider is required to provide Curriculum Vitae (CVs) of at least4 staffindicating in the following roles.



No. Proposed Position Quantityof CV Qualifications


Period of contract performance

1 Project Leader 1 ·  Bachelor’s inElectrical engineering or other relevant technical degree in addition to three (3) years of relevant engineering design, and installation and maintenance and program management experience;


·  Eight (8) years of commensurate relevant experience without a formal aforementioned technical degree.

2 Site Engineers 2 ·  Electrical engineering bachelor’s or other relevant technical degree in addition to two (2) years of relevant engineering design, and installation and maintenance; or

·  Five (5) years of relevant experience without a formal aforementioned technical degree.


3 Solar Technicians 2 ·  Diploma in electrical engineering bachelor’s or certificate in vocational training skills in solar maintenance and installation in addition to two(2) years of relevant engineering design, and installation and maintenance ; or

·  Five (5) years of relevant experience without a formal technical degree.


  • Company profile
  1. List of directors with their telephone and ID/Passport Numbers;
  2. Current registration certificate
  3. Good financial position: Provide either Latest audited report, or bank statement for 6 months with one year statement of income and expenditure signed by company management.
  • Latest tax receipt or proof of payment of tax.


  1. Financial Proposal

The Financial proposal indicating the cost or Bill of Quantities to be charged by the service provider from the schedule of solar lights for repairs and parts as per schedule attached below;

Schedule of solar lights and location

# Location Latitude Longitude Solar Panel Battery Controller LED Light
1 Garowe 8.24521 48.30312 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
2 Garowe 8.24532 48.30351 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
3 Garowe 8.35231 48.35127 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
4 Garowe 8.41444 48.50747 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
5 Garowe 8.41408 48.50732 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v
6 Garowe 8.41502 48.50707 100A12v 20A12/24v
7 Garowe 8.41473 48.50705 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
8 Garowe 8.41468 48.5066 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
9 Garowe 8.41492 48.50799 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
10 Garowe 8.41495 48.50839 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
11 Garowe 841,544 48.50815 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
12 Garowe 8.41649 48.50819 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
13 Garowe 8.41624 48.50858 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
14 Garowe 8.41423 48.51164 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
15 Garowe 8.41332 48.51169 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
16 Garowe 8.41336 48.51227 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
17 Garowe 8.41215 48.51277 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
18 Garowe 8.41143 48.51186 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
19 Garowe 8.41165 48.51128 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
20 Garowe 8.39217 48.52236 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
21 Garowe 8.39561 48.52279 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
22 Garowe 8.39119 48.52223 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
23 Garowe 8.39538 48.52184 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
24 Garowe 8.39636 48.52192 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
25 Garowe 8.39676 48.52152 100A12v 20A12/24v
26 Bosaso 11.268924 49.196235 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
27 Bosaso 11.268636 49.195752 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
28 Bosaso 11.269293 49.195616 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
29 Bosaso 11.270192 49.195682 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
30 Bosaso 11.26472 49.20413 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
31 Bosaso 11.26338 49.20391 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
32 Bosaso 11.26728 49.20286 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
33 Bosaso 11.26712 49.20346 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
34 Bosaso 11.26715 49.20326 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
35 Bosaso 11.26339 49.20821 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
36 Bosaso 11.26308 49.20845 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
37 Bosaso 11.26297 49.20816 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
38 Bosaso 11.26585 49.211335 100A12v 20A12/24v
39 Bosaso 11.26627 49.21269 100A12v 20A12/24v
40 Bosaso 11.2657 49.21287 100A12v 20A12/24v
41 Bosaso 11.26979 49.21206 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
42 Bosaso 11.26966 49.21134 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
43 Bosaso 11.26951 49.21146 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
44 Bosaso 11.27036 49.2084 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
45 Bosaso 11.27119 49.20911 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
46 Bosaso 11.27123 49.20903 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
47 Bosaso 11.27139 49.20583 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
48 Bosaso 11.27117 49.20555 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
49 Bosaso 11.27144 49.20543 150watt 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v
50 Bosaso 11.27148 49.20586 100A12v 20A12/24v 40watt12v


The Format of the financial proposal to indicate lumpsum costs has been provided.

Instructions to suppliers

  1. Interested service providers must submit their applications using the application forms in the link .
  2. The proposal shall be reviewed based on set criteria. Technical Proposal shall take maximum of 70% while the Financial proposal to carry 30%.

All vendors interested must deliver their Technical and financial proposal to our offices latest10 September 2021 by 5.00 PM local time. The interested service providers can also send tenders through email [email protected]. Any submissions past the deadline will be Rejected.


Instructions for submission(Can be delivered through email or Physical delivery):


  1. Physical delivery: (i) Deliver in a sealed envelope (ii) Indicate Tender Number in the envelope.


  1. Email: Send with the subject email indicating the TENDER NUMBER.


You are requested to ask any questions through 0906203514 or through email: [email protected]

  1. Vendors are invited for tender opening on 11 September 2021.
  2. All the service providers must comply with PSA Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) guidelines

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