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Puntland Youth and Social Development Association (PSA) is local non-governmental, non- profit organization established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic young educated members of society and it is based in Puntland state of Somalia


PSA is currently seeking the bids for the provision of office supplies & stationeries during the implementation of the training and peace awareness activities relates to District Council Formation of Iskushuban, Qandala and Alula Project in the period of Aug to Nov-2021 as the items specified below:

BID Number Item name Location
SSFPL-033-A01 Alba rado files Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Magazine files Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 A4 paper Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Print cartridge Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Stapler Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Staples pins Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Puncture Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Pens Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Glue stick Bosaso
SSFPL-033-A01 Stamp paid Bosaso

 Instructions to suppliers

Carefully read the instructions before completing the RFQ. Note that submission of false information will lead to automatic disqualification

  1. You are requested to visit PSA office in Bosaso to pick the relevant templates for the bids.
  2. Ensure the bids are submitted using the specific forms for the products/services interested to offer.
  3. The documents should be signed by authorized representative of the company, stamped and submitted with relevant supporting documents that the applicant wish to be considered
  4. Suppliers must be financially stable. Suppliers should undertake to provide the organisation with unlimited services and goods for not less than US$ 30,000 without non-payment for PSA at least for 3 months.
  5. Successful suppliers will be contacted

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