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 TENDER NO: PSA/001/06/2022


Puntland Youth and Social Development Association (PSA) is a local non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2002 and it is based in the Puntland State of Somalia

With one of our Partners we are currently implementing the intervention in Bosaso that seeks to improve the living conditions, assistance, and protection of drought conflict-affected populations including host communities by facilitating the equitable access to multi-sectorial services through effective Camp Coordination and Camp Management.

One of the activities seeks to strengthen mobility assistance for the IDPs through the distribution of Wheelchairs and crutches to People With Disabilities “PWDs” among the new arrivals.

Scope of Work

The scope of work shall entail the following;

  1. Supply and delivery of wheelchairs and crutches

Requirements from the Service Provider

PSA is looking for vendors with the capacity to provide equipment for Special Mobility assistance support to PWDs.

The service provider must provide the following documents

  1. Technical Proposal

The Technical Proposal must detail the following

  1. Company profile
  2. Experience in similar works

Attach 3 Local Purchase Orders for similar previous work.

  • Two (2) references from previous or current clients.
  1. List of directors with their telephone and ID/Passport Numbers;
  2. Current/Valid business registration certificate
  3. Good financial position: Provide either a Late audited report or bank statement for 6 months
  • Latest tax receipt or proof of payment of tax.



  Criteria Score


  i.      Signed Code of Conduct

ii.    Signed Declaration of Conflict of Interest

iii.  Financial Quotation should be in the company letterhead.

Tenders will be rejected if the suppliers do not submit signed documents of the code of conduct and Declaration of Interest.






1 Company profile which properly details the nature of business 10%
2 Experience in similar works

(At least four clients with highest values)

3 Two (2) references from previous or current clients. 10%
4 List of directors with their telephone and ID/Passport Numbers 15%
5 Current/Valid business registration certificate 20%
6 Good financial position: Provide either a Late audited report or bank statement for 6 months 10%
7 Latest tax receipt or proof of payment of tax 15%
8 Financial Quotation 50%



  1. Nature of supplies required

PSA wishes to obtain supplies in units and specifications as indicated below:

No. DESCRIPTION (Technical specifications) Unit QTY
1 Purchase of Wheelchairs (100kg) Pieces 30
2 Purchase of Axillary Crutches Pieces 15
3 Purchase of Hand Crutches Pieces 35


The Format of the financial proposal to indicate lumpsum costs has been provided separately.




Instructions to suppliers

  1. Interested service providers must submit their applications using the application forms in the link.
  2. The proposal shall be reviewed based on set criteria. The technical Proposal shall take a maximum of 100% while the Financial proposal to carry 50%.

All vendors interested must deliver their Technical and financial proposal to our offices on latest24/06/2022 by 5.00 PM local time. The interested service providers can also send tenders through email at [email protected]. Any submissions past the deadline will be Rejected.


Instructions for submission(Can be delivered through email or Physical delivery):

  1. Physical delivery: (i) Deliver in a sealed envelope (ii) Indicate Tender Number in the envelope(PSA/001/06/2022).
  2. Email: Send with the subject email indicating the TENDER NUMBER(PSA/001/06/2022).

You are requested to ask any questions through 0907754033 or through email: [email protected]

  1. Vendors are invited for tender opening on 27/06/2022.
  2. All the service providers must comply with PSA Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) guidelines



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