In regard to the recent clan based fighting in Mudug region, PSA participated in an eight days peace meeting in south Mudug involving two feuding clans of Sacad and Leelkase.

The meeting was from 5th to 12th June 2020 and the agenda was to reconcile any differences between the two communities, address issues that often trigger conflict and resolve all other underlying concerns.

The objective of the meeting was to manage, mitigate, resolve and transform central aspects of the conflict through official diplomacy and mediation between communities in western region of Mudug region, Taaroge and surrounding areas.

The meeting was attended by 300 delegates from the two feuding clans, community and religious leaders, army officials, politicians, youth representatives and mediators from federal government including officials from Puntland and Galmudug states and PSA/CPD management & Technical team.

In addition, the meeting was fully facilitated by CPD/PSA in collaboration with SSF.


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